A curious kitty, who adores getting into small areas became a real star

An amusing note put in the refrigerator about the kitty

A new Internet star has recently appeared. A ginger kitten named Piggy was discovered by the petrol station owner. They adored him and took him home.

But they didn’t have an idea about his amazing energy. The note, the picture of a cat and the kitty himself all became popular on the Internet. The note in the refrigerator said to be attentive for a cat’s paw before shutting the refrigerator door.

Many people liked the image. The owners make sure the photo is real. When such a situation happened they were going to snap a photo of this.

And also the owners assured, that Piggy has never been harmed. And also no one ever touched his paws.

Piggy adores eating tasty food and getting into small areas. The owners told, that the kitty has an active personality. He may he discovered just in every room of the house. And like other cats he won’t ever show his love towards his owners.

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