No one believed that a dog who spent 10 years in a shelter would find a forever home, but he got a surprise

He had waited 10 years for that moment

Meet Ford, a friendly dog, who spent 10 years at a shelter, because no one wanted to adopt him. It was so surprising for the staff, because he is so cute and loving.

Although Ford was ignored by people, he enjoyed making new companions with others and socialised with all the workers.

As it turned out later, Ford had been abandoned by his previous owners and appeared in the shelter thanks to some kind people, who noticed him on the street and supported.

Despite having some difficulties in the past, the cute dog never changed his attitude towards people and was very kind to everyone.

But one day something surprising happened, when a man named Louise came to the shelter to adopt Ford. He wanted to change the dog’s life and made him happy and carefree.

The whole staff was amazed to see that their adorable dog finally found his forever home. It was really exciting and they were sure that Ford would be safe and protected in his new family.

When the man took him home, he adapted to his new environment easily, even he greeted Louise’s wife with happiness as if he knew her for years.

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