The man gave up his previous job to dedicate his life to protecting stray dogs

Brave move, wonderful result!

Once a cook named Mike, who worked in a restaurant, spotted a stray dog on the street and gave him some food. Since then the man began to feed him frequently.

The man understood that there are many stray dogs in our world who need human care and support, so he started to help those whom he met on his way.

Each day one canine was added and after some time he saw that over one hundred dogs were under his care. So he decided to quit his job and change his lifestyle.

He opened his own shelter in 2018, which became a home for hundreds of stray dogs.

At first the man took them to the nearby vet clinic, but then opened his own vet clinic in the shelter.

He has become a saviour for thousands of dogs and has made their lives safe and protected.

The shelter is located in his homeland, Thailand, and is considered the largest in the area. Now it is a home for about 700 canines, who are provided with everything they need. They get much love and care from the staff and are so grateful to them for their support.

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