«Love is blind»: This is how a blind man reacted when he first saw the faces of his wife and son during Rachael Ray’s show

The emotional reaction of this blind man to seeing his wife and son for the first time

It is worth mentioning that one person in 8000 is likely to be diagnosed with Stargardt’s disease which is a genetic disease affecting the eyes being caused by the accumulation of fatty material near the retina which is responsible for good eye-sight.

This serious disorder causes blindness and today’s hero named Jean, misfortunately, became one of them who suffers it.

As the man admits, the expression «love is blind» is absolutely true since without knowing what his beloved woman looks like, he immediately fell madly in love with her and that minor obstacle, that is blindness, didn’t prevent them from being inseparable.

Shortly after marrying, the beautiful couple soon had an adorable son.

Once Joy saw the eSight visual while watching Rachael Ray’s show, she immediately decided to write to Rachael and ask her to invite them to the popular show.

Luckily, her dream came true and Rachael invited the exemplary couple. There is no need to say that the spouses were extremely excited before showing up.

The moment Jean saw his beloved wife’s face for the first time in his life, the audience was left speechless.

He saw his little son too and that emotional scene didn’t let any single one there remain indifferent.

The moment the man first saw his wife, he whispered. «Oh, she’s pretty».

Rachael Ray’s praiseworthy act to gift the man that visual rig costing 15 000 dollars definitely won’t ever be forgotten.

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