A sweet kitten found on the street became the boss of the house

A sweetheart, that linked not only with her owners, but also people in general

A lady found two roaming kittens and befriended with them. One of them was unhealthy from birth, while the other would just cuddle to her brother.

The lady told, that as soon as she discovered them the kitten immediately went to his brother to demonstrate he was in pain and needed attention. And unfortunately the kitten wasn’t able to survive the night.

Another kitten lived with her new family for a month and a half. The lady told, that she was loving and active and an examination proved she was healthy. The lady added, that she befriended with them and people in general.

The owner told, that when they placed her in the encouraging room with other kids, she demonstrated her loving side and despite being tiny became the boss of the room.

The kitten never left her loving mother’s lap although she adored skipping about the space. She played with her small paws.

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