A sweet kitten with surprising highlights, that became popular

A kitten with unusual appearance living in France

Even if you might avoid dishonest people, you wouldn’t leave such a sweet two faced kitten alone. This is Nana, a sweet small kitten, whose adorable highlights are becoming popular.

Nana has an awesome two toned face. The owner of the kitty named Stephanie quickly fell in love with the kitty and considered they would be always together.

Although Nana and her family live in France became popular with some of her photos. She has become a lot cuter from the moment she was a kitten.

Nana is a sweet example of what is known as a «fantasy» animal, which is a unusual peculiarity in which an individual is born from at least two eggs’ cells. Although Nana has a unique appearance, she is still called a fantasy.

The creature is created with two different DNA types. At first Nana appeared to be a usual cat, but over time she changed into a gorgeous mixture. But there aren’t any cats, that looked as amazing as Nana.

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