The family managed to find their missing daughter thanks to the deaf and partially blind dog  

This dog is a real hero!

When the three years old child named Aurora got lost, not only the family and the police, but also hundreds of volunteers began to search for her. The girl went out of the house by herself and no one spotted her nearby.

The police searched for her in all possible places, but in vain.

The next morning the child was found on the top of the nearest hill, when her grandmother heard a weak voice. At first the family dog Max appeared in front of the granny and he pointed the place of the missing girl.

17 years old Max is deaf and partially blind, but due to his strong senses, he managed to save the life of his little human.

It turned out that the smart dog stayed with the little girl whole night in order to protect her from any danger.

Max kept the child warm with his body and luckily, Aurora stayed alive.

No one knew how the child appeared on the hill, because reaching there is really challenging, despite the fact that it’s not so far from her house.

Everyone was excited by the scene. The parents were so grateful to their loyal dog for saving their daughter’s life.

He is a real hero!

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