A sweet duckling, who adores laying her head on her owner’s neck

Adorable relationship between a duck and a caring woman

A sweet newborn duck named Bae was leftover by her mother before birth, which seriously affected her health. Happily the baby’s condition improved, when a caring woman named Erwin discovered her.

Erwin considered to look after the baby on her own. The cute newborn duck was taken under Erwin’s wing. She was allowed to do everything she wants.

Bae adores laying her head on Erwin’s neck now when she is adopted. It seems to be her beloved place. Erwin, who is in love with the duck has even given Bae a cute diaper to keep her clean.

Bae’s two other friends lived in Erwin’s backyard. Erwin considers, that Bae and she will become best friends and spend time together when he gets older.

It is amazing, that Erwin and Bae have just started their adorable relationship and as they have other friends they will undoubtedly have sweet adventures and happy times.

Bae is very happy and lucky with her new family.

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