The owners were worried when they brought two kittens to their dog, but what happened next really touched them

What a warm welcome!

Beagles are known for their loving and friendly character. They are great supporters and are ready to save and protect those, who are in need.

Daisy isn’t an exception and she proved once more that dogs are so loyal and compassionate. When her human parents brought home two helpless kittens, they were worried about their relationship.

They thought that Daisy would never accept them as her babies, but how the dog reacted to their arrival excited the parents.

She not only was a caretaker for them, but also became a loving and caring mother.

From the first day, she began to look after them as her own babies providing them with everything they needed. Daisy protected them from other dogs and even slept with them in the same box.

And one day a wonderful thing happened, which amazed the owners. Daisy began to produce milk as a result of her strong maternal instinct.

After informing the vet about the case, it turned out that her milk doesn’t have any effect whatsoever on the cute kittens.

These beauties continue to share a strong bond and enjoy spending all day together.
Their family is wonderful!

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