The dog, who was considered lost for 11 years, gave her owner a chance to feel her presence again

A touching reunion after a long break!

At that time Valerya Bennett was just 13 years old and everything happened so fast that she couldn’t understand how.

Her beloved pet Ola was stolen in front of her, while they were walking together in the park.

The confused girl immediately began to search for her dog and opened a page named Find Ola on social media, hoping that in that way they would find the animal faster.

A great number of people joined this work and began to look for Ola everywhere and even when a little information was found, they informed the girl at once.

But they didn’t succeed to find her for about 11 years.

One day Valerya got a call and was informed that her puppy had already been found about 21 kilometers away from her house. It happened 11 years later, but that didn’t stop her from going and bringing her beloved dog home.

Ola recognised her owner at once and she was excited to return to her lovely family again. She immediately got along with Valerya’s other pet Bennet.

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