When it’s bath time, the whole family has to convince the dog to get in the water

What an aversion to bathing!

We know that Malamute is a friendly breed and also they are ready to support those who are in need. They love to make new companions and entertain everyone around them with their presence.

But there is one thing that they hate – having a bath.

Meet Philip, a big dog, who enjoys to spend much time with his owners, but when the bathing time comes, he escapes from them and hides in a corner.

His parents try to convince him because forcing him to enter the water will be stressful for him.

For that, the whole family comes to support Philip, even their other pet, the cat, and the baby girl join them. But the stubborn dog still refuses to have a bath and tries to hide in any way.

Finally, they all manage to put the dog in the water and after a short time, he becomes clean and more attractive.

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