The pregnant woman came across a stray catty in the same condition and it became the beginning of their bond

Such an interesting story!

Lauren Manners is a kind woman, who has devoted her life to the protection of stray animals. She always supports poor creatures and finds forever homes for them.

But when Lauren became pregnant, she decided to stop helping them for a while to relieve the stress.

But one day, when she was walking with her husband, a pregnant catty gained their attention. The poor animal was lying on the road and it’s obvious that she needed help.

The couple couldn’t remain indifferent about the catty and hurried to save her, because the woman understood what means to be pregnant.

They brought the cutie home and provided her with much love and care. The woman got connected to the catty at once and they became inseparable. Throughout the pregnancy, these two had a great time doing everything together.

The cat was called Dove. They both gave birth at the same time and their babies got the opportunity to grow up together.

Now the kittens and the baby girl are inseparable and they enjoy to spend much time together. The couple takes care of both the mother cat and her babies with a great pleasure.

What a loving family!

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