A puppy, who looks like a teddy bear is often mistaken for a plush animal

For all puppies human attitude and affection is the most important thing 

This is a well known puppy on the Internet named Bear. All of us have already seen a lot or sweet puppies. But it’s appearance resembling a teddy bear, that is often mistaken for a plush animal is its differentiating characteristic.

He is six. And thanks to his amazingly fluffy coat and sweet look, many people resembled it to a teddy bear. He is a dog breed, that is popular for its amazingly thick double coat.

It looks like a mane especially for its fur at the neck, which is very thick. Everyone would like to hug him when he comes back from work.

His owners shared his photos on Instagram. The aim is to make people aware that it is important for all puppy breeds how people communicate and socialise with them.

If you’re still hesitant, look at this puppy and become sure that puppies are the sweetest animals. Would you like to have such an adorable pet?

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