This pretty cat has been awarded for having the most fans on Instagram. That’s great!

What a stunning cat!

It isn’t a secret that nowadays animals can have more fans on social media than many famous people. Thanks to their owners’ great efforts, who post wonderful photos and videos of them, they are famous throughout the world.

Especially dogs and cats are users’ favourite and their adorable photos make everyone fall in love with them.

Our today’s hero, a pretty catty, is a star on the Internet for her beautiful appearance. The animal even has been awarded for having the most fans on Instagram.

When her owner opened an Instagram account for her, she immediately became everyone’s favourite.

The cutie with stunning blue eyes has already captured thousands of people’s hearts from all over the world and it’s not surprising, because she is really adorable.

Her human captures her in almost every situation, no matter she is eating, sleeping or playing, her photos are so wonderful and thousands of people enjoy watching them.

In this way, the owner also wants to encourage others to adopt and take care of these cute creatures.

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