The sweet reaction of a dog to his owner coming back from work

Pets are always excited to meet their owners 

Al dog owners would prove, that one of the best feelings is coming back from work to see your pet buddy waiting for you. No matter you have been gone for two minutes, two hours or two days their excitement level is the same.

They are absolutely happy you returned! It’s adorable to see your dog’s wagging tail and getting licks after a hard working day. They are absolutely overjoyed to see you even if you just went to the nearest shop.

And in a well known video a new pet owner learns what it means to come back to a waiting dog. It is usual, that your dog will be waiting at the front door as they have a strong hearing.

And when the door starts to open and move his tail wags more quickly. And after that he sees the owner. The puppy becomes happy and unsure what to do next.

It started to dance and jump wagging his tail rather than running towards his owner. The puppy is waiting to play after a hard working day.

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