Smart cats, who kept social distance during the outbreak

Stray cats, who were much more intelligent than many people

Many people concern so much, that the pandemic is spreading very quickly. So many countries asked policies to undertake isolation.

To supervene on people, who don’t follow the isolation the authorities visited many people to different households. And happily cats are always ready to demonstrate us the right way.

A woman went to Philippines when she saw something that amazed her. There were a lot of sweet cats in the streets, but they all followed social safe distance from each other. And the fact, that these cats are much more intelligent than much people made us funny.

Many shops and supermarkets use this idea to make visitors to follow lines and decrease the risk of choking. And if you have a question how to live in a modern world, just look at these cats.

And when she uploaded the photo on the Internet it quickly became well known. People all over the world commented on how smart these creatures are.

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