A very inquisitive raccoon, that became used to living with dogs

Sweet relationships between a raccoon and dogs

A kind woman named Rosie saw a sweet baby raccoon in her yard last year. She wasn’t able to find her mother, as the animal was alone. So Rosie and her daughter Lara considered to clean and feed the baby.

The sweet little raccoon introduced to each of his family members and got used to his new surroundings. The family liked the animal so much, that they considered to adopt the animal.

The raccoon named Pumba also found two dogs living in the house, which were also taken by the caring and generous family. She soon linked with all the animals. Pumba’s owner told, that she always follows the dogs and goes after them everywhere.

The baby is now grown up and always looks for his friends. She adores going after them and playing with them. She always understands when to stop and respects her friends.


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