The father-daughter duo showed a captivating and passionate dance to the vacationers

A life-affirming fitness dance that people of all ages enjoy.

Omur Abay and his daughter Sena are popular dancers who are known by Zumba lovers throughout the world. It is known that Omur is a well-known fitness instructor, whose workouts many women want to achieve. Sena is in no way inferior to her dad’s talent. She attended his classes since childhood, so he became skillful in this field.

During the holidays, the dad and daughter made a decision to please all the vacationers by doing an incendiary Zumba right on the shore. It seems that they are just dancing, having amusing time and enjoying this moment without thinking about the sequence of steps. Dancing outdoors with your favorite one. What could be more interesting? This optimistic mood is the essence of Zumba, a life-affirming fitness dance that people of all ages enjoy.

Just look how much life as well as positivity in this dance. See how they perform the ordinary movements of this joyful dance in sync.

Be sure to check this amazing clip.

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