It looks amazing. The pastor built a tree house with his own hands

Currently, tourists come here to witness his work.

The upbuilding of this incredible house started in 1993 in the US, when God appeared in a dream to a pastor named Horace Burgess, endowing him to create a massive convent. During this time, the pastor built an enormous tree building more than 30 meters high, which had 80 rooms, a chapel, a bell tower as well as a basketball playground.

As Burgess himself described, he was motivated by God, who convinced him that there would be no obstacles with building materials.

As a consequence, the church minister built for his beloved wife a 10-story flat with 80 rooms, a coupled chantry, a basketball court as well as divided lavish flat on the top floor.

Horace joyfully demonstrated to everyone curious about his magnificent building, of which there was a decent amount. But in 2012, this celebration of life was disturbed. It was closed because of non-compliance with fire security control. This unlucky incident prevented the pastor from carrying out the rest of his plans. That is, to build an extreme camp at home.

Burgess counted the majesty of his “creation” and set out to do everything so that the house was registered in the Guinness Records Book as the biggest tree planting in history. The pastor added that if someone decides to beat him and make something like that, he will instantly come out and take a hammer to return the record (meaning that he will finish building the house).

Ten trees grow in the house, which serves as supports. Upbuilding of the house carries on to this day but it is constantly damaged by uncivil barbarians.

Currently, tourists come here to witness his work.

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