The loyal cat couldn’t accept the lose of her beloved owner

Even cats can feel sorrow and be stressed for their owner

This cat’s owner passed away a year ago. But even after that the loyal animal has stayed with her owner. A passerby named Kelli heard the cat’s sorrowful cry and she even tried to tale the cat home.

But it wasn’t successful, as the cat returned to his previous place the next day. Later it became known, that the cat had spent the whole year there, as he couldn’t accept the lose of her beloved owner.

The cat only goes home to be fed by the owner’s kids. He meows while sleeping there. It is really heartbreaking to witness this.

According to Kelly it demonstrates how touched animals are to their owners.

Experts consider, that even cats can feel sorrow when their beloved owner passes away suddenly.

The cat could be stressed and not interested in the outer world. If you have witnessed such a stressful scene you must contact a vet right away.

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