A very infrequent sight. An old pregnant horse gave birth to healthy twins

While seeing twins in humans is normal, it is a unique occurrence in nature. Especially if ponies show up.

A miraculous thing happened when a 16-year-old horse named Tiki gave birth to twin foals who were wonderful and in a good state.

This was infrequent in light of the fact that the female horse was older and only 9% of people hoping for twins are said to be correctly transferred. So, it was a phenomenal as well as a crucial scene.

The foal was conceived first, followed by the filly, who was more sensible than her sibling, but still more humble.

The owners were wary of Tiki, as women usually abandon their children after birth, but she was such a devoted and considerate mother.

It’s great for a cute pony to have twins at such an advanced age.

I want to believe that they will remain stable as well as strong.

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