This corgi is just 5 months old, but she has already captured thousands of people’s hearts with her cuteness

Such a cute face!

Meet Baby, a beautiful corgi, who is so funny and playful. She attracts everyone with her beauty and amazing personality.

Watch her adorable photos and fall in love with her.

The cutie is still 5 months old, but has already captured many viewers’ hearts on social media. She has a great number of followers, who each day wait for a new post of her.

Baby enjoys her life with her caring owner named May Theint Nwe and her big brother named Cooper. Cooper is a two years old friendly dog, who is so caring and attentive towards his little sister.

Although they adore each other and are always together, in some cases Baby gets jealous when her humans are more attentive towards Cooper than her.

They are best friends and never imagine their lives separately.

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