After many difficulties in life the young woman found peace in a cat

The fluffy companion made the young woman’s life happier 

A young woman named Madeleine had gone through many difficult things during the last two years. She considered that adopting a cat wouldn’t help her feel better and fill the gap in her heart. “She’s 22 and in the last two years she has lost two friends and our father.” told her sister.

She also gone through a stressful breakup and ended her professional ballet career. So she did what any sad good person would do, she adopted a feline friend. But it wasn’t just any usual cat. She went to the local shelter and adopted the least adoptable cat.

Madeline didn’t come for any usual cat, she approached the workers and asked to show a cat, that has difficulty finding a home.

And the ginger male cat named Chester, who was leftover by his owner and spent a year in the shelter immediately came to mind.

Madeline was asked if she was sure to take an elder cat and she told, that no animal should pass away in the shelter. So she made a decision to give Chester his forever home. “I first saw Chester in the corner of the shelter and understood he was so fluffy. He looked like a teddy bear and all I could do was hold him.”

They immediately befriended and Madeline told, that despite his age he is really healthy.

“He is household’s king. He accommodated for about 5 hours and now he enjoys it. He’s a cuddler he adores snuggling on people’s laps, and also playing with strings and yarn. He’s very curious.”

It was clear, that they befriended easily and Madeline now has a friend to make her days happier. Doesn’t it just touch your heart and proves, that good choice can make your life better.

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