The pregnant black and white cat appeared under the bed in the house

The cat went to the man’s house to give birth 

Last summer a pregnant cat appeared in a mansion in London, that changed both her and the homeowner’s lives forever.

The cat went to the house of a British Indian fi director Paris Zarsil. He was amazed to find a pregnant black and white cat under his bed one morning.

And the cat also took her four kittens with her.

Zarsil posted: “From now on I can call myself a dad.”

The man had no idea whose cat it was and why she chose his house, but he already felt responsibility for the mother and her newborn kittens.

He also wrote to the local animal rescue group’s Facebook page, where he was told not to separate the mother and her kittens, because the kittens may disappear if they are alone. Ge was also given instructions how to look after the babies and feed them.

The man’s Twitter page became filled with kitten photos and the man told, that they are “rapidly moving and gave a lot of joy to his life.”

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