The cat with a polished look and well groomed coat is now adored by everyone

The poor cat, that was ignored by people for his appearance 

Bunny’s polished look, well fed snout and well groomed coat are adored by those who see her, when almost a year ago no one wanted to take her.

People didn’t want to take in and look after an almost hairless and dirty cat, who was found on the street and taken to the local shelter in Las Vegas.

The cat was lucky enough as he was seen by a private cat rescuer named Nikki Martinez, who was at the shelter to look at the new arrivals. She saw a skinny, poor kitten sitting in a cage, that meowed in response to her look. “Save me I’m in trouble.” he seemed to say.

Nikki gave the kitten a second chance at life. She named him Bunny and took to the vet, where he was examined and told, that he had a fungal infection, ringworm and because of it she became bald.

The vet fave anti fungal medication and after a few days it was obvious they didn’t have an effect.

Even more the kitten’s health became bed because of them and Nikki decided to treat the cat with other methods. At first the kitten’s weight must be normalised, as he was underweight.

“He was so weak at the beginning, that my husband had to sit next to him and tell me if she’s still alive. He didn’t have an appetite, so we must give him liquid nutritional supplements with the help of a syringe. And only after that she started eating wet food.”

Every passing day was a challenge for Bunny and he demonstrated his strength by fighting for his life.

After two months Bunny gained nearly a kilogram, the fungus was conquered and his hair started to grow.

It was very hard for Nikki, when he understood Bunny is already recovered. A loving family found the kitten and decided to provide her with medicine. Bunny began to transform into an amazing feline with really silky fluffy fur.

Now he is already an adopt cat with a strong personality. Nikki is always proud of herself and her work.

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