Many advantages of coffee, that saved the kittens’ lives

A new usage of coffee 

Many of us have heard about the health advantages of coffee, but I don’t think anyone knew it can save lives.

Kendall Diwishch found three kittens frozen to the ground and stopped to look at them when he heard imperative meowing.

After a closer examination he found out, that two of the three kittens’ tails were iced in the ground.

Diwishch had to act quickly, so he immediately went back to the cat and brought the only thing, that could melt the ice: his hot coffee.

He went back to the kittens and poured it around their tails and amazingly they started to drink it.

Happily they didn’t have any injuries.

Diwishch could remove the small kittens from the ice with no hurts and complications after a small tug.

As there was no mother around Diwishch took them home and warmed them and gave them food.

And after posting some highlights of hid kitty journey on Facebook he became very popular.

It’s a great thing, that the poor kittens were found there, because it was clear they had spent the whole night there and didn’t have any chance of survival.

And here’s the video of their rescue.

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