The older cat, that will become its owner’s best friend

A cat with many health problems seems to be in control of it

Jen Boger was looking at shelter animal profiles when she saw a photo of Mason a poor elderly cat with an expression “rough man.” Boger was a cat intake coordinator in Northern Virginia and she realised she had to join them right away.

Boger told: “He was said to have a rough appearance, but was a very gentle and adorable cat. My beloved tomcats are just this kind of tomcats. Although many of them are frequently battle scarred and injured from having to fight for life on the street, I think many of them are really awesome.”

Boger understood of their rescue didn’t help Mason might never have the second chance he needs. “Seeing Mason’s photo and description it was obvious, that he such a cat, that wouldn’t be adopted by potential adopters and other rescued, because he looks poor and sick.” told Bager.

And when he came to Boger’s house he decided to put his tough man lifestyle behind. At first he hid from Boger when he heard her approaching, but then started to ask everything he wanted, lot of pets.

“Now he waits for us at the door or jumps over as soon as he hears us coming. He adores being petted and will poke your hand or arm if you stop for more than a few seconds.”

Boger told: “He doesn’t have a mean heart in his old body. He is just too affectionate.”

Mason was alone for some time and there were no one to take care of him.

“We considered he will come to us dirty, with filthy ears, fleas and in general a little unkempt. But he was the most unfortunate and sickest cat I’d ever seen.” Boger told.

His ears were both hurt and he also had scars on both sides of his face. His fur was mangy and he had many health problems.

But after weeks of treatment Mason became healthier and stronger. “Although Mason had many health problems he seemed to control it all.”

Mason had seen a lot of things in his life and according to Boger he’s still a generous, loving and little teddy bear.” And his future owners will have a trustful friend, who is ready to give love.

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