Humans are not the only ones who care for helpless animals. Read this story and you’ll understand everything

What a wonderful trio!

Meet Pikelet and Patty Cakes, two caring dogs, who were rescued and now they have a loving family, but they don’t forget their past when they were stray and know that all the stray animals need love and care.

Recently, a 5 weeks old puppy named Potato was brought home, who was welcomed by the dogs with great happiness. The poor baby was going to be sold at a pet store, but fortunately, he was saved by the kind woman. He had many injuries and health problems, but after staying under the strong care of his owner and his two siblings, he became completely healthy and strong.

These two big dogs look after their little one with great pleasure and give him much love and care.

If you think that humans are the only ones who take care about the helpless animals, just look at this adorable trio and you’ll understand everything.

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