“This is why men don’t trust women!”: These cousins changed beyond recognition after putting on cosmetics

Here is the reason why makeup should be banned as soon as possible

Today, it is no secret that makeup is an effective way of altering and improving one’s appearance hiding all the flaws and imperfections. However, it sometimes seems illegal to use cosmetics since people can change beyond recognition. When these relatives shared their transition on social media, the netizens were left literally speechless.

Meet Ray Dazzie and Rosalind Dershmuk, cousins who once discovering the incredible power of cosmetics, started to attract the world with their fantastic looks.

It is not surprising at all that after all these transitions men stopped trusting women. People realized the magical power of makeup and some even started to accuse them of doing illegal things.

Network users rushed to criticize the bloggers for deceiving people by totally changing their appearance.

A number of people were left speechless and still can’t understand how they managed to transform their appearance beyond recognition.


What do you think of this transition?

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