The man was so heartbroken when he lost his lovely friend, but the next day something surprising happened

What a surprising reunion!

Alvin Wills is a caring man who lives with his beloved chicken named Kipiekip in the Netherlands. These two became quite popular when the story of their amazing reunion went viral on social media. He lost the bird, but found it in the pan the next day. The man was so heartbroken thinking that he would never see her again, but it had a happy ending.

Kipiekip is not an ordinary bird; she is the man’s beloved friend and they are inseparable. They share a strong bond and never leave each other’s side.

The bird sits next to the man when he works and when she realises that her owner gets tired, approaches him to get cuddles.
It’s a real friendship!

When we speak about a friendship between humans and animals, first of all we think about dogs and cats, but actually chickens can also be loyal friends.

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