Four leftover lucky kittens were discovered before the torrential rain

The story proving, that all cats must be neutered 

Four poor kittens were discovered leftover in a cardboard box.

The kittens were only four weeks old, when they were found by a dog walked, just a few days before torrential rain pounded the region.

They were immediately taken to the cat protection centre and named there Karen, Kieran, Keith and Kiri.

Besides being hungry and dehydrated the kittens also had deformed stumpy tails and also Karen had an abnormally formed leg, that must be amputated.

The manager of the centre Tania Marsh told: “The kittens were amazingly lucky that they were discovered just in time, because they wouldn’t have survived any longer.”

“All of them had stumpy tails, we don’t know the exact reason, they may have got into an accident, but the most probable reason was that the kittens were born just like that.

“It’s really sad, that these kittens were just abandoned without having an opportunity  of fending for themselves.”

“Most possibly they were leftover by a cat, that wasn’t neutered. Cats can have up to three litters each year and it is very important that all the cats be neutered to prevent unwanted litter.”

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