A sweet kitten walked up to the girl and it was the best decision of all

The kitten, who chose his owners 

A girl named Katya posted a story of how a pet found its way into her household. She understood there was something missing in the house when they moved in. They didn’t have cats, so they came to an agreement.

Katya was walking in the park with her mother one day, when she saw a volunteer handing away kittens, even wild ones. Katya and her mother approached them and one little cute kitten started to smell, purr and rub against their legs.

Katya thought everything happens for a reason. Is it possible the kitten chose her?”

She called her boyfriend and made him immediately ask the landlady if they could get a cat while her mother was talking with a volunteer. And she answered positively.

And from that moment the kitten named Irishka has been living with them. The kitty was washed, fed, treated for fleas and warms, vaccinated and also has a passport.

Irishka enjoyed being photographed.

Irishka is an amazing cat, which Katya adores!

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