The baby starts to cry, but the little dog has the solution to calm down the latter

A crying baby can cause some scare, particularly, for new parents.

Is the child in trouble or does he need something? Or is it just a baby? There is a variety of methods to calm babies down, as everyone responds differently to different methods.

But wait until you see what makes your baby cease crying in the clip below.

The baby starts crying, but don’t worry mom and dad. The dog has the solution. As soon as the dog howls, the baby stops and looks at him.

But when the dog stops howling, the baby instantly starts crying. Let’s try this again…

The dog possesses the situation by howling even harder. And it works

Maybe it was actually the dog she was interviewing for as a full-time nanny. With those skills, why not? He has shown that he is more than capable of coping with a crying baby.

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