A poor kitten was stuck in an asphalt, but got out of it with the help of a kind man

The help that was provided just in time

A man named Chuck Holy was driving the freeway in Oregon when he saw something strange in the middle of the road.

He was surprised when he discovered it was a little kitten, that wasn’t able to move as its paws were stuck in the asphalt.

Chuck left the car and didn’t understand at first what happened to a cat. He though it was stuck in a gap in the road surface. But the real reason was that someone smeared the cat’s paws with rubber glue. Chuck started to insist the kitten.

He was able to free the cat’s paws from the asphalt and they went to the vet. There were remains of glue stuck on the neck and tail of the kitten.

The vet at the clinic named Jenny Bate used mineral oil to remove the sticky from the cat’s fur.

After the cleaning Jenny examined the kitten and found out she is absolutely healthy. Then the most amazing thing happened.

Chuck Holy, who found the kitten decided to adopt her. Chuck and his two dogs will give the kitten a safe life and won’t let anyone hurt him.

The man decided to name the kitten Sticker. He wants to take care of the kitten so that she quickly forgets about everything she experienced.

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