Cat’s adventures, that became popular

A cat had been gone for three days and returned with debts

A cat from Thailand decided to leave the house and go for a short adventure.

The tabby disappeared for three days and then came back as if he had just been gone for a few minutes.

The cat was very happy and the family then understood it wasn’t just because of a short adventure he had gone.

A little letter was attached to his neck and when the family read it they understood the cat enjoyed life with some fishy delights.

The letter was written by a seller and said: “Your cat kept watching at my fish and I gave him three.”

The seller also wrote her address in order the family could find the place.

The small cat seemed to be delighted after having debts and that his family must pay his food bill.

His family was amazed by the situation.

They shared the photo of their cat with a letter on the Internet with the note: “Disappeared for three days and came back with some debt.”

It’s amazing, that they are ready to pay their cat’s bill’s, as he seemed to be delighted with the food and will return to the place.

The story made some people laugh a lot.

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