The adorable pit bull who had a rough life, has remained so kind and loving, and is a mom for 20 little creatures

What a loving dog!

Hema is a rescued dog, who was found on the streets and was taken to the Humane Rescue Alliance Washington, D.C. The dog had many serious injuries and it was obvious that she had a difficult life, but she didn’t lose her faith and trust towards humans and stayed so kind and loving.

That’s why she was immediately adopted by Clingen, a caring woman, who gave her much love and care.

The woman is also a foster mom for 20 little kittens, so she introduced them to her cute dog Hema, and it was love at first sight.

Hema became a loving mother for these adorable creatures and gave them much love and care. The woman was so surprised to see how strongly they got connected with each other.
Now she is sure the kittens are in the safe hands.

This is great example for you, that shelter animals also have feelings and emotions; they just need human love and care.

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