“Have you ever seen a 3.5-foot woman?”: This unique woman with a rare genetic condition showed her child

Would you like to see how the child of this unique 3.5-foot woman looks?

Meet this unique 25-year-old woman, a happy wife and a devoted mother who stands out from the others being only 3.5-foot.

Due to her very rare genetic condition, Lera didn’t grow up as fast as all her peers and developed relatively slowly.

Every single day Lera faced challenges and had to cope with the hardship and difficulties. She felt insecure and incomplete with her uniqueness and always faced criticism and judgement. Not everyone was ready to accept her the way she was and it was extremely difficult for her to go out, go to school, go shopping.

However, despite all the hardship, Lera could deal with everything and kept an optimistic attitude towards life. She always tried to find the good sides of any situation.

It should be noted that Lera was successful in her personal life as well. She was fortunate enough to meet a man who was ready to completely accept and marry her.

Though the doctors warried her about the increased risks of delivering a baby, Lera eventually determined and currently their daughter is already 2 and is absolutely healthy.

Let’s wish them all the best!

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