A heartwarming story: The mother cat seek help to save her kittens, that yet to be born

Timely rescue saved mother’s and her kittens’ lives

A resident of Indiana was walking looking at what to be a lump of ice and snow. Looking down, he saw that it was the eyes of a poor cat, that was resting in freezing cold.

The cat was sleeping in the ice and snow. But she didn’t think, that fate would appear and save her and her yet to be born kittens, until a kind man discovered and rescued the cat.

He quickly called Catsnip Etc, that took the cat to look after and also found the cat was pregnant. It’s amazing how she survived the most harsh moments in life.

She had four babies on Valentine’s Day morning. And she started guarding her kittens, not letting them to separate.

But after she understood that everyone is just trying to help Camilla, the mother cat she allowed them to look after her babies. But they were unable to fully care for the kittens.

Camilla was stronger than she used to be and she was looking after them until they grow strong and become the sweetest family ever.

Camilla id very attentive to her and her kittens, although having suffered a lot in the cold weather.

The affectionate mother and her four cute kittens are flourishing and will have a great future thanks to the rescue.

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