When this kitty listens to an Uptown Funk song, what does she do… amusing!  

Whenever she hears this song, she probably can’t help but begin moving to the beat.

There is a new queen of pop, her name is Winnie, be careful because she has some serious moves. WHO!

Indeed, whoever said that cats can’t dance, never witnessed little Winnie. He is definitely proof that even canines can dance till they drop.

The proof is in the clip. Winnie is fond of dancing, but not any old song. It seems her favorite song is Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson.

Whenever she hears this song, she probably can’t help but start moving to the beat.

This is true? It’s a fake? Well, let me assure you of that.

Little Winnie is real! There is no doubt about this. She is as real as you. Surely, she could use a little help with the choreography, but hell, even Ginger Rogers could help a little.

Winnie was affiliated by generous people from the Arlington Animal Welfare League, whose unique mission is to “improve the lives of animals.”

Currently, you can tell that Winnie is “coming back” as her clip is bringing a lot of attention to the refugee, she improves the lives of his 6 million social media followers with her incredible performance.

Here you can see how she starts shaking her head as soon as the music starts playing. Nevertheless, in the middle of the song, she also starts moving her feet to the beat. Well, me too.

Hey, that’s an engaging melody.

So, in case you want to see Winnie dancing to her favorite song, watch the clip and let us know your point of view about her little performance in the discussion section below.

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