An overweight cat, that wasn’t able to loss weight

The owner asked her neighbours not to feed her cat

A British Shorthair cat named Iris wasn’t able to lose weight although she follows a strong diet. So the cat’s mother Sheena Wilson begged her neighbours not to feed her.

Distressed, she asked her neighbours not to feed her either year old cat, that weighed 7.5 kilograms on a community Facebook group.

Sheena told:

“Iris is a really big cat. From the time I started writing about her on Facebook, she gained many followers. And during the last lockdown, I found out, that she was fed by someone else, because she barely ate her food and was gaining weight.”

The woman asked her neighbour not to feed her cat.

Sheena is anxious for her health, as unlike her other cats Iris becomes stressed if she couldn’t go out. As she is really huge, she has some problems getting out the cat door.

Iris’ mother described her as spoiled, as she is the only one of her cats, that sleeps in the bed and refuses to allow the others try. She worries, that her weight is because of heart problems of diabetes.

She is a very cunning cat, that finds a way to get out even not using the cat door.

“She recused to understand she’s on a diet for a long time and still asks for sweets. Iris learned to knock on the door when she wanted to go out or come back home”

Sheena told, that her cat needed an operation, but firstly she must loos weight as the vet told. A usual cat weighs approximately 3.5 kilo, while males can weigh up to 5.

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