The women had a great idea to keep the retired chickens warm and protect them from cold. It’s wonderful!

Now these retired chickens are protected!

Would you do such a heroic act for these defenceless chickens? That is true humanity!

Recently, two caring women named Nicola Congdon and Ann from England saved 60 retired battery chickens, many of which spent their lives in cages away from the sun, rain, snow and cold, so they had to adapt to the weather. Here, the women decided to provide them with hot jumpers.

As a result, the jumpers they knitted helped the poor creatures fight the cold.
Few of us know that as chickens get older, the number of their feathers decreases, so they barely survive in cold weather.

If there is someone who wants to join this great cause and provide warm clothes for the chickens, the owners will be very happy.

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