She could not hold back the tears. The cat owner found out why her cat leaves her canines every day

This thrilling case instantly spread around the world on social networks.

This is proof that our four-legged fellows are much more merciful than us.

Today’s heroine is a cat named Milan. The latter lived with the master. One day her walk ended with her child.

Milana was a very attentive, caring mother, but not so long ago the hostess spotted that the fluff leaves her babies and disappears for a while.

Until then, she nurses the canines, then she leaves like this every day.

One day, the woman made up her mind to pursue the cat in order to discover where she went every time. But when she learned the truth, she could not come to her senses for a long time.

It’s found out that the cat went to the neighboring wood to nurse the squirrels with her milk.

When their mother disappeared, we don’t know how Milan learned about them. But maternal instinct did not allow her to leave squirrels starving.

The woman had to carry the squirrels home so, that the cat would not leave her canines every time.

The babies are currently alright.

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