“Had his dreadlocks cut after 11 years”: How the guy who wore dreadlocks for a decade looks after cutting them

After wearing dreadlocks for 11 years, this man has finally had them cut

Little do people know that behind the dreadlocks there is actually a long story worthy of consideration. However, majority of people rush to get such an interesting and modern hairstyle following the trends in fashion. When having such an extraordinary hairstyle, one doesn’t comb his or her hair for a relatively long period of time until they get rid of them.

It is no secret that for having done such a hairstyle it takes much effort, experience and a lot of time. However, those who have gained deadlocks firmly claim that the final result is phenomenal and definitely worth it.

This guy from the States got his fashionable dreadlocks when he was still a teenager and, believe it or not, he had worn them for 11 years as he liked them very much and refused to cut them off. Whereas in the course of time, the guy realized that it was high time to change something and found enough courage in him to eventually have them cut.

Initially, he asked his girlfriend to cut them, whereas the dreadlocks were so tight that ordinary scissors couldn’t manage to complete that task.

Having no other choice, the guy headed to a salon and had them cut.

After having his dreadlocks eventually cut, the man could hardly recognize himself when looking at the mirror. Now he looks absolutely different and doesn’t regret his decision.


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