“From homeless men to supermodels”: This master from Brazil changes homeless people beyond recognition

These homeless people returned their former beauty thanks to this master

It goes without saying that each of us deserves to have a life of good quality, whereas, however sad and unfair it might seem, many of us are not born fortunate enough and have to go through a lot so as to maintain our existence.

Today’s hero, Leandro Martias from Brazil, started a charity project the main aim of which was to help the homeless and make them feel beautiful, attractive and confident again. And even changes in their hairstyle can totally transform their general appearance making them look well-groomed.

Enjoy the fantastic results!

Three times a week, the talented master is eager to go and find homeless people and radically change their lives. It should be noted that many don’t believe in his good intentions and simply refuse to undergo changes.

Is this even the same person?

Two totally different men

The better version of Maria

Apart from these changes concerning their appearance, the bighearted master gives them new clothes and substantial amounts of food.

Here is Carol whose cherished dream is to return to her hometown.

From a homeless man to a supermodel!

In fact, a number of homeless and extremely poor people’s lives were changed who gained a new hairstyle, a fresh and pleasant look as well as food and other necessities.

All they need is actually not so much. Several clean and warm clothes, a roof above their head and peace.

For instance, we can take this charming couple who are currently looking for a job in order to earn money and buy a small house eventually ending their miserable lives.

He has changed a lot!

A new fresh image undoubtedly gives them confidence!

The Brazilian master considers it his duty to assist them as much as it is possible. Offering his priceless help to the needy ones gives him nothing but pleasure.

Is it really one and the same person?

A new hairstyle and makeup gave her a completely new image.

What dramatic changes!

Mary is absolutely happy again.

Before and After! Simply incredible!

She definitely underwent radical changes!

A new happy family!

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