How is it actually like to live in a mobile home? This girl revealed the reality behind the romantic shots 

This girl-traveler showed how the life in a mobile home actually looks

No one would argue that it is simply incredible and priceless to always have the opportunity to travel all over the world and experience new and interesting things, witnessing breathtaking scenes and getting well acquainted with local cultures of different countries.

Whereas the life in a mobile home is, in fact, extremely romanticized especially in photos where absolutely everything seems perfect.

It is, of course, great that you can anytime travel to foreign places and dramatically change your life, thus never getting tired of daily routine.

Whereas according to one of the owners of a motor home named Cindy, such a lifestyle can sometimes appear to be challenging and exhausting.

As Cindy confesses, because of the little room in a campus, there is always dirt and the quality of air is badly affected due to it. She has to always open the doors and be in the open air.

She mentions that the situation is even worse as she keeps two dogs and because of them she has to clean up the area even more often.

For example, there are a number of scratches and marks left by the pets. They are actually not really visible in the photos, but in reality it is utterly impossible to ignore them.

In addition, there is always sand on the floor come with the wind which is also a big problem.

Regardless of all this, she doesn’t get disappointed and still fully enjoys the interesting lifestyle she is currently leading.

Everything bad and disturbing can be easily ignored, given the fact that she can wake up with a wonderful view of the ocean or mountains every single morning.


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