In order to support her little heir, the mother-heroine drew a similar birthmark on her forehead  

For the sake of her unique son, the woman drew the same birthmark on her face

This absolutely unique and adorable 1-year-old boy was born with a strange-looking and enormous birthmark on his face. As soon as his mother saw it, she immediately got concerned and found herself in panic, whereas, later on, it turned out that it was a congenital melanocytic nevus which could do him no harm typically appearing in the early ages of children.

While the woman completely accepted and unconditionally loved her child the way he was, she felt pity and got angry about the fact that many looked at him with disgust, constantly bullied and laughed at him. That’s why she decided to draw the same mark on her face to show the whole world that her heir is no special and different from the others.

She eagerly spent all her days with that mark on her forehead, wasn’t embarrassed at all and felt really proud of herself and her child.

The mother-heroine was happy to receive all those positive comments and nice words addressed to her family by complete strangers on social media and the woman made sure that she made the right decision.

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