The phenomenal story about an Indian man who has 39 wives and lives with them in a 5-storey building with 100 rooms

This man has 39 wives, 181 kids and they all live together in a 5-storey house

Sometimes, residents in Eastern countries choose to have two or maximum three wives, whereas today’s man from India named Zion Chan broke the record marrying 39 women. Chan and his 39 wives live together in a 5-storey building which has 50 rooms.

The large family’s house is in the center of a relatively small Indian village Baktwang which is a private 5-storey building.

More interesting, they have their own private school and a farm creating their own microstate which is simply incredible.

The building in which they all happily live is also given a name “Chhuanthar Run” which means “New Generation”.

Currently, Zion Chan is already 79, is married to 39 women, has 181 children and they all dwell in this huge building.

Many strongly refuse to believe in this story’s truth, whereas it is worth mentioning that this Indian family has officially appeared in the Guinness Book of Records.

During a day, the huge family eats 100 kilos of rice, 60 kg of potatoes and 30 kg of chicken.

The main wife is responsible for the household duties.

Regardless of this, Zion is not going to stop and wants to expend his family even more in the near future.

The local government has nothing to do with this. It neither forbids him to do so, nor provides with more money. It is their heirs who work as carpenters and are expected to keep the unique family.

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