This unkempt homeless woman changed beyond recognition thanks to the professional work of specialists

The transformation of this exhausted homeless woman into a gorgeous lady

Transformations of unkempt and exhausted housewives and homeless women into truly stunning and well-groomed ladies have recently gained popularity. This time, an experiment was carried out on the appearance of this homeless woman who became literally unrecognizable.

First of all, the experienced specialists cared about the woman’s nails and did a good manicure and pedicure which are placed a great importance by those who take care of their appearance.

The work of professional makeup artist as well as dentists and cosmetologists resulted in fantastic changes in her appearance.

It is worth mentioning that it took about a month for the dentists to give her a Hollywood smile.

The homeless woman was now hard to recognize. She really deserved such a transformation and it was definitely worth it!


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