Former businessman spent about $230 000 for the construction of a house located in a cave

Brilliant ideas come to our mind when we experience difficult times

A 37-year-old man named Angelo, a former businessman was diagnosed serious sclerosis. He was constantly stressed, anxious, always in a hurry and this all has had a great impact on his health. Whenever there was a choice between a career and personal life, he always chose his career.

The businessman had a cherished dream – to build his own house, most surprisingly, in a cave, Worcestershire, UK.

He was planning to construct a house whose interior would be made of solely natural and organic materials, nothing else. He intended to build a house which would be modern and surrounded by nature at the same time.

In the following photo, Mastropietro is diligently working on his future bedroom.

The cave in which he was creating his own place is located in a very quiet territory and in the heart of the nature. The unique house the businessman has constructed has all the necessities and amenities such as heating, electricity and even an Internet connection. The man managed to create a place in which he felt most comfortable and relaxed. Here, nothing disturbs or makes him worried and anxious. The businessman has managed to save enough money for both the building process and the rest of his life there. Angelo is fond of watching films and reading interesting books there. The businessman’s friends often visit him wishing that they had such a wonderful place as their friend does.

The bathroom


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