Simply phenomenal: These adorable twin-girls were born tightly holding each other’s hands

These amazing twins came to this world holding each other’s hands

One day, absolutely adorable twin sisters were born firmly holding each other’s hands which was simply incredible. Their photos immediately went viral the Internet gaining popularity.

Both the doctors and the parents were in a complete shock witnessing the following heartwarming scene.

It probably was a sign that they would be inseparable since the day of their birth till the end of their life.

However, the specialists remark that there is actually nothing special or surprising. If there is enough room in the mom’s womb, the twins can tightly hold or hug each other.

According to their relatives, the wonderful twins are really inseparable and connected with a special bond. They were, in fact, in the same amniotic sac and such a situation is totally normal. Whereas there was a possibility that one of them could die.

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